"No man exists who
was not made by the
child who once he
was." - Dr. Maria
Our Vision - Our Story

Early Successes

Barbara began her scientific career in Phoenix, Arizona in 1959, at a fledgling private
research and development laboratory, Bolin Laboratories, Inc.  Some of her early
pioneering work at this lab lead to the development of the world’s first commercially
available diagnostic test procedure for screening blood for the Hepatitis B virus, a
very major accomplishment at the time.

Technical Excellence

Concurrent with various research projects, Barbara was responsible for the
development and direction of the company’s clinical diagnostic services in the areas
of microbiology, virology, mycology and immunology.  As a result of her efforts, the
laboratory emerged as a technical leader and center of excellence in the State in this
emerging area of science.

Science and Motherhood

By the nature of her back ground, Barbara raised her children in a scientific setting,
together with Montessori principles.  In 1993, following family tradition, her two sons
partnered together and started a laboratory, named Aerotech Laboratories.  The
laboratory was created to provide analytical services and consulting to the newly
emerging industry of environmental mold.  At the time, Aerotech was one of only
several laboratories in the world in this industry, and as such, there were very little
standardized procedures for this testing.  Barbara provided her expertise to her two
sons in the area of laboratory testing and method development, allowing Aerotech to
become the premier technical leader in the field.  In ten short years, Aerotech grew to
be the fifth largest environmental testing laboratory in the country with over 330

Responding to Terror Attacks

In response to the anthrax bioterrorism attacks in late 2001, Barbara lead the rapid
development of BTOX Analytical Laboratories, a bioterrorism testing  facility and one
of the few private testing labs capable of offering a complete line of laboratory
services for bioterrorism agents.  Barbara was responsible for testing thousands of
environmental samples from around the United States and the world.   Barbara’s
efforts in this regard helped major buildings and communities access and clear
anthrax contaminated zones.

Naegleria fowleri

At the local level, she was the first researcher to isolate and report the presence of
the rare and deadly amoeba,
Naegleria fowleri, from Arizona water supplies which
tragically struck the Northwest valley in 2002.  Incidents of
Naegleria fowleri are
extremely rare in the United States and as such there are very few people in the
nation that are qualified to identify this organism.  Drawing on her experiences and
investigative techniques, Barbara was able to develop the expertise to make the
accurate diagnosis, thus allowing proper water treatment and protection of the
community against further cases of
Naegleria fowleri.

A Montessori Science Academy began in the Fall of 2008

Inspired by her enduring advocacy of the Montessori Method, coupled with her
proven successes, Barbara has transformed her vision into the perfect formula for
opening and inspiring young minds, Black Mountain Science Academy, a Montessori

Building on the traditional Montessori principles, the Black Mountain Science
Academy program will introduce and create scientific awareness to its students
through concepts, scientific equipment, imagery and kid friendly laboratory
experiments or demonstrations